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What the “&” Means to Us

 You & Me

It means we work with you. Whether “you” are a client, candidate, or conversation.

Brand & Identity

It’s quite simply the bold symbol that represents us and our commitment to working with you.

Search & Find

It seamlessly ties together the elements of what we do best – search and find.

Cause & Effect

It’s a reminder that upon alignment of high calibre talent with organizational specific goals, we unleash you to do what you do best – if not better.

Our Services

We serve clients and candidates alike because you can’t have one without the other.

Executive Search

Pursuing and aligning high calibre talent within worthy organizations for long-term transformation or succession planning.

Birkman Method Assessments

Providing personality assessments with personal consultation for individuals or entire executive leadership teams to improve people skills and the alignment of roles.

Social Headhunter dot com

Intentionally carving out time to meet one-on-one about jobs, resumes, or hires. Stop by and chat – I’ll even buy the coffee!

Recruitment Consulting

Consulting with and serving organizations to develop talent acquisition plans, screen executive candidates, or oversee the whole in-house recruitment process.

Executive Resume Development

Coaching you – the candidate – to create and hone your story, enhancing your ability to translate your strengths and experience into confidence.


Listening when you need the opportunity to talk to someone who understands the issues and frustrations of the job search process.

Our Approach

We are trailblazers in executive recruitment within the not-for-profit sector. We do “search” differently.

We Make Connections with Exceptional People who have Exceptional Connections

Our approach to search is a little different, or so we’re told.

For example, you won’t find any job postings listed on our site. You’ll rarely find our profiles posted to job boards. You won’t be added to an impersonal database full of thousands of names and e-mail addresses.

Why? In our opinion, that’s just not the way to treat people, and we happen to like people a lot.

Instead we consistently make connections with real people; with exceptional people. We make these connections every single day. Sometimes we find them, sometimes they find us.

Thus, when we’re engaged in a search, we reach out to our very real, very personal connections, who in turn, reach out to their connections, and so forth.

The result?

A shortlist of not only qualified candidates, but unique candidates. They type of candidates you only find through organic connectivity.

That, quite simply, is what make our approach a little different.

“Our selection process is personal – one that truly listens to the needs of our clients and desires of our candidates.”

– Philip J.W. Smith & Co.

Meet Our President

Philip J.W. Smith

Yes. This is his real name.

psmith @


Since coming to the search profession in 1997, Philip J.W. Smith has continually built and developed his skills in sourcing and securing the right fit for each organization that has engaged his services. His desire is to make a lasting impact on the development of not-for-profit organizations and vital businesses through the strategic placement of senior leadership and high-calibre talent. His strengths in sourcing, negotiation, contract development, and offer presentation mean that both clients and candidates alike benefit from his proven professionalism.

Philip has honed his craft in executive search through engagements with well recognized firms, including Hutchinson Smith Inc. through which he served as both partner and principal. Throughout his career, he has also applied his communication and tactical coaching skills to efforts that strengthen professionals in both the search and human resources professions.

Not only does Philip desire to make a lasting impact through executive search and recruitment consulting, but he is also passionate about developing organizations on a volunteer basis. Philip has served as Vice President for the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Toronto, as a Director of the Board of the Kiwanis Club of Toronto Foundation, has also held the role of VP for the Board of the Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club, and has done volunteer corporate fundraising for the Hospice Association of Ontario. He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree.

Publications in which Philip J.W. Smith has been referenced:

Canadian Business (2000)  – Not Your Father’s Headhunter “Philip Smith – Stealth Recruiter”.

Profit Magazine (2006)  – Contributor to Ultimate Hiring Guide series entitled “The Perfect Job Ad”

Canadian HR Reporter (2013) – Guest writer for article entitled “Candidate Screening in an Age of Social Networking”.

Some Fun Facts

Here’s what keeps us moving each day!

7439 coffees drank.

16 years of headhunting.

28 combined years within the sector.

13985 grey hairs grown.

Our Network is our Net Worth

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Our Musings

Our writing speaks for itself. Browse our favourite posts below.

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Our Fans

We’re grateful for referrals. It’s encouraging to know we make a difference in the daily lives of our clients and candidates.

Wes Mood, Director, Donor Base Development for Sunnybrook Hospital says:

Phil is an innovative recruiter who provides hiring companies a coveted service – finding the right candidate quickly. In the competitive not-for-porift market, finding a candidate who will yield results is no easy task yet Phil delivers! He uses his extensive executive network and an industry leaders insight to search out the candidates that will be a perfect match of culture and skill.

Potential candidates, I would wholly recommend connecting with Phil; he will push you to be your best now and in your future roles.

Potential clients, choosing Phil to fill a vacancy will have a positive result for your business!

Marilyn Anthony, Financial Advisor for Pear Tree Financial Services Ltd. says:

Philip’s intuition and ability to match skills sets with opportunity and need are the reason that I happily find myself in my current position.  He is a creative problem solver and demonstrates strong instinct for finding the right fit between companies and individuals.

Jeff Groenwald, President of Opportunity International Canada says:

Philip J.W. Smith & Co. was engaged to identify candidates for a specialized fundraising role at Opportunity International.  Phil Smith identified four qualified candidates, each uniquely different from the others.  It was a joy to interview all four of them and then proceed to a successful hire with one of them.

Phil spent the time up front to understand our needs so as to understand the skill set required, and develop a written profile to take to the marketplace.  More than that, however, he took the time to understand the organization’s current reality in terms of human resources, financial performance, and challenges and opportunities facing the organization so that the candidate he recommended would indeed fit our needs.

We were very pleased with the outcome and would most definitely recommend Phil.

Barry W. Bussey, VP Legal Affairs for Canadian Council of Christian Charities says:

I am privileged to know Philip’s work during my years on the Board of Directors of International Justice Mission Canada. He worked diligently on our behalf in providing us with very competent key personnel in our organization – including our Vice President of Development & Marketing, our Chief Operating Officer, and currently he is working on our new Executive Director.

Philip is pleasant, competent, and diligent in getting the job done. I have the highest respect for him personally and professionally.

Eryn-Faye Frans, Canada’s Passion Coach says:

My husband’s new position did not simply entail a new office and staff. It meant we had to uproot our family and move across the country. Phil not only worked to ensure the right fit in my husband’s work environment, but also with our family to find the perfect house for me and school for our daughter. Had it not been for his attention to each of the details that impacted all of our lives – rather than just the issues of employment – we wouldn’t have had the courage to take this enormous step, which turned out to be the very best decision for all of us.

Shannon Delenardo, Former Senior Leader for Assurant Solutions says:

According to LinkedIn, Phil would be considered a service provider. During the time I have known him, however, he goes far beyond that definition. Every time I called on Phil to assist with a recruit it was because it was an extremely difficult role to fill.

He was always prepared to take up the challenge and find that ideal candidate, even when we could not clearly define what that person looked like, or when the requirements would change midstream. Other times I just had questions about the market: ‘Are there potentials out there?’; ‘What would the going rate be for a specific role?’ He gladly answered these questions.

Even after Phil would place someone with us he took the time to ensure not just our satisfaction, but that the hired candidate was happy with the decision to accept the position. I viewed Phil as an extension of our HR team – not just a service provider. I would recommend him to any organization, big or small, looking for the ideal addition to their team.

Travis Olafsen, Development Professional for Western Canada says:

Philip and his team took the time to find a nonprofit and a leadership team which were extremely compatible with my experience, passion, and career goals. From start to placement, this was truly a remarkable experience and they put me at ease throughout the entire process. They have a superb understanding of the nonprofit world and their connections, guidance, drive, and professionalism were invaluable during this time.

Peter J. Mogan, Co-Founder & CEO for Global Mothers says:

Philip Smith was engaged by our not-for-profit company to help us find a President to lead the transition of our company into a direct selling organization.  Philip worked closely with our Board of Directors and really listened to what we needed; he took the time to understand our culture and our requirements.

Even though the position requirements we were very unique, Philip was able to find three quality candidates, including one exceptional candidate that more than met our best expectations.  We appreciated the professional, dedicated and warm service of this top quality recruiter.

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