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You know us, we rely on networking and are very intentional about engaging our network. It’s the core of who we are, really: “We make connections with exceptional people who have exceptional connections.”

Yep, that’s us alright.

What you may not know about us, is that we’ve been integrating social recruiting more intentionally too. It has become a means for us to add greater value to our network and  be more encompassing to the leadership and hiring needs of those we serve in the not-for-profit sector.

As you can imagine, when we stumbled upon the Coffee app, which is designed to “create a mobile community of hiring managers and job seekers” (Bernard, 2014), we were eager to try it out.

Coffee_ScreenshotQuite simply, Coffee connects job seekers with hiring managers or recruiters. It quite literally allows you to strike up a conversation with the people you’d like to work for or with folks you’d like to hire in the same way you’d strike up a conversation over a face-to-face coffee.

With this in mind, Nathan Bernard, Founder and CEO of Coffee says, “At Coffee we don’t believe that a job posting should represent a person. Instead, a person should represent a job posting. You’ll learn a lot more about a company by seeing, connecting and chatting with a real employee / hiring manager rather than just reading a boilerplate job posting . . . This sort of social recruiting is going to be huge.”

It’s new – like brand new – so if you’re going to notice it currently has limited exposure to executive nonprofit professionals, Canadians, and nonprofit organizations, but that’s why you should download the app and try it out! The more people who begin to use it, the more beneficial it will be to the overall userbase!

Our social recruiter tried Coffee out last week and ended up having a “coffee” with Nathan Bernard, himself!

Nathan was happy to receive our feedback about how the app could better encompass the charitable sector and those who work and hire in not-for-profit organizations. He assured us that tags to reflect nonprofit interests are in the works for version 2, as well as a web app for hiring, and a way to indicate on your swipe card that you are hiring.

So download it! Try it out! Strike up conversations! The more nonprofit Canadian talent that uses the app, the better it will be!

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Recruiting for a Change: Google Says GPA’s Don’t Matter

Spoiler Alert! Have you seen the movie The Internship?

Apparently two middle-aged guys with a background in sales, who have no relevant education, can indeed be hired – and be successful – at Google! It’s not an out-of-reach-fairytale-happy-ending after all!

Discovered this revelation after reading a refreshing article this week on LinkedIn entitled, On GPA’s and Brainteasers: New Insights from Google on Hiring and Recruiting.

The article written by New York Times’ Corner Office Columnist, Adam Bryant, shared the following insights from an interview with Google’s Senior Vice President for People Operations, Laszlo Bock: Read more

Yahoo! It’s Time to Review our Employees!

Today I was reminded about the existence of “Yahoo”.

Remember?! Yahoo was one of the first major players in the search engine game. In fact, about fifteen years ago, Yahoo was the only search engine I ever used. 

To be honest, I’m not even sure what happened to Yahoo over the past decade, but eventually, in my cyber world at least, the brand was phased out. It’s almost like Yahoo is an old girlfriend. You know, one of those past flings where you can vaguely remember that you did indeed date for a while, but the details concerning the relationship are a little fuzzy, and you’re just so happy that in the long run you found the “right” one (I love you Google).

Yahoo, however, is once again taking the spotlight on a very small stage given the recent hire of its new CEO, Marissa Mayer – a former executive at Google. Apparently she has brought some of Google’s former executive leadership practices with her, one of which being the tedious, but worthwhile task, of personally reviewing every new hire that Yahoo makes. Read more

The Cost of an Angry, Alienated Job Applicant

Every industry has it’s good and it’s bad. In the recruiting sector, dealing with a mass influx of job applicants is generally something that recruiters are not very good at.

As a retained executive recruiter that goes to market on behalf of other companies and organizations, it is always my goal to provide a level of service and a personal touch that far exceeds a potential candidate’s expectations because I understand that a candidate’s experience not only reflects my own brand and company, but also that of my client’s.

Yet, for larger companies with HR and recruiting departments who often have dozens of job orders on-the-go at any given time, it can be difficult to respond to every single applicant. The danger, however, of not taking the time to appropriately respond to potential candidates can have an adverse impact on your company as a whole. Read more


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