Recruiting for a Change: Google Says GPA’s Don’t Matter

Spoiler Alert! Have you seen the movie The Internship?

Apparently two middle-aged guys with a background in sales, who have no relevant education, can indeed be hired – and be successful – at Google! It’s not an out-of-reach-fairytale-happy-ending after all!

Discovered this revelation after reading a refreshing article this week on LinkedIn entitled, On GPA’s and Brainteasers: New Insights from Google on Hiring and Recruiting.

The article written by New York Times’ Corner Office Columnist, Adam Bryant, shared the following insights from an interview with Google’s Senior Vice President for People Operations, Laszlo Bock: Read more

Once Upon a Time in the Land of Recruiting (a.k.a. The Power of Storytelling)

Apparently storytelling is all the rage.

Excuse my intended facetiousness, but I’m pretty sure that storytelling has been thoroughly utilized incessantly for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s what we generally would describe as “timeless” (insert Disney princess music here).

You know I’m right, too. Read more

Your Permanent Job Search

Looks like your future employer is watching you online, involuntarily enrolling you in a never-ending job interview.

In the same way that you would strategically calculate every detail concerning a face-to-face interview, such as what would you wear, say, do, and admit, so too, must you adopt this same mentality everyday as you engage in online activity. Read more


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