Social Recruiting Series: A Conclusion & Infographic

Using social media is no longer a fad – it’s practically an expectation.

As we look to wrap up our summer Social Recruiting Series of blog posts, I’m curious to know if you’ve used some of your down-time during this season to explore new social media platforms or have attempted to be more strategic with the social networks in which you were already involved?

In an infographic entitled, The Future, Social CEO, discovered on the future of C-Suite social media engagement is explored. Not only has social media and communication affected the recruiting sector, it has also had significant affects on intelligence and marketing research; customer relationship management; and public engagement. Read more

Social Recruiting Series: Social Media Posting Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

In exploring my RSS feeds today, I came across a great infographic entitled, Social Media Posting Guide, on Brady Josephson’s blog called re:charity. Whether or not you perform in the non-profit sector, you’ll be sure to glean valuable information from this infographic – originally from Top Non-Profits – which highlights best practices for using social media to spread your message.


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Social Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC] from Bullhorn Reach

Social Recruiting Series: Tips for the Twitterverse

When it comes to social recruiting, LinkedIn is the primary platform for use in recruiting both active and passive candidates, followed by Twitter.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter will most certainly not be the deciding factor in whether or not you land your dream job, but it can indeed play a significant part in whether or not you are considered a serious candidate. Read more

Social Recruiting Series: Popular Social Communication Sites

Within the next few days, the Canadian working world is preparing to embark on the most anticipated season of the year – summer vacation!

The first two weeks in July are the most popular times of the year to take a vacation. Whether you have plans to travel or are instead organizing a more economical “stay-cation”, consider using this downtime to enhance and experiment with your existing social communication profiles and new social networking platforms, respectively.

Why?! Read more

Social Recruiting Series: An Introduction & Infographic

Social recruiting.

It’s the new “it” thing in the land of recruiting, so if you’re not effectively using social media within both your personal life and professional pursuits, you may be less likely to be considered for promotion, may be limiting opportunities for career transition, and may be compromising your chances of being the preferred candidate from the short-list in a new hire.

That said, if you’re not using social media at all, you’re in even more trouble career-wise. Read more

Your Permanent Job Search

Looks like your future employer is watching you online, involuntarily enrolling you in a never-ending job interview.

In the same way that you would strategically calculate every detail concerning a face-to-face interview, such as what would you wear, say, do, and admit, so too, must you adopt this same mentality everyday as you engage in online activity. Read more

Social Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC] from Bullhorn Reach

Social recruiting is becoming all the rage.

Funny how just over a decade ago one’s most valuable tool in recruiting was the good ol’ fashioned telephone and a business card rolodex which served as the tangible representation of one’s network.

Then came the dawn of job boards where hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants could search for job openings and directly submit their resumes to recruiters. Pffft – practically took all the fun out of recruiting in the first place. Read more


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