October 7, 2014 Philip J.W. Smith & Co.

#CharityTuesday – President’s Choice Children’s Charity

In the spirit of #CharityTuesday we take time to admire the support that the President’s Choice Children’s Charity provides, not only for worthy nonprofits, but also for individual families.

First, consider the motto of President’s Choice Children’s Charity, which is “Helping kids do anything”.

With this in mind, it certainly makes sense that President’s Choice Children’s Charity would support one of our favourite causes – children’s nutrition programs. Through both Breakfast for Learning and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada, President’s Choice Children’s Charity is able to provide grants for nutrition programs.

The work that this charity does that really tugs at our heart strings, however, is supporting families with children who have been diagnosed with a disability.

According to its website, President’s Choice Children’s Charity: “receive[s] applications from families whose children have been diagnosed with a range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and various developmental delays.”

Once again, this charity makes it easy to see how even the smallest gift can make the biggest difference in the life of a child. For example, according to its website on ‘How You Can Help”:

  • $2 helps a child to eat a healthy breakfast
  • $50 helps pay for one hour of speech therapy
  • $100 helps pay for specialized equipment
  • $200 helps pay for a week of camp

Best part is, you can easily get others involved in the cause by hosting an event of your own that will raise funds for the charity! Whether it’s a paintball challenge, a 5K run, a cook-off, or a hockey league, you can find creative ways to make giving a fun even that engages your friends, family, network, and community!

Consider how you or your business could make a tangible impact in the life of a child through President Choice Children’s Charity!


About #CharityTuesday: Each week, we’ll use the popular CharityTuesday hashtag and Twitter recognition to highlight our Tuesday blog post on Canadian charities that are close to our hearts!

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