May 30, 2014 Philip J.W. Smith & Co.

Family Matters: Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

Yesterday is a good example of why I haven’t been blogging regularly over the past nine months.

Here’s what happened.

Long story, short, is that I was supposed to catch a plane for a business trip at 8:50am in the morning, and despite having been up at 5:44am, and arriving at the airport by 7:15am, the flight closed ten minutes before I checked-in. I had to book myself onto the next flight, which was at 8:00pm that evening.

Frustrated, tired, and without coffee now for almost three hours, I drove the hour it takes me to get back home, being sure to stop at my local Starbucks for my venti latte infusion.

When I got home, I was greeted by my wife and daughter, who happened to be home from work and school, respectively, that day. The three of us spent the rest of the morning and afternoon together enjoying a meal together around the table and watching a movie. My wife then drove me back out to the airport four hours before my new flight was to depart.

Looking back, I’m grateful for having missed that flight because after two weeks of frantically preparing for this out-of-town business trip, I didn’t get to spend a lot of purposeful time with my family.

Even the night before I was to leave, I had the best of intentions of spending an hour of “me-and-you” time with the wife, but with her work and volunteer schedule, and the endless to-do list I had, it just didn’t happen.

Thanks, however, to those few spontaneous hours of family time with which I was granted because of whatever crazy happenstance that occurred at the airport that morning; my wife, daughter, and I were able to spend meaningful, memory-making time together before I left, and I’m forever grateful for it.

This meaningful family time is precisely why I have not been regularly blogging or active on social media for the better part of the year. While some superb and exciting things have happened to our family over the past year, at the same time our family has not been spared from trials and tribulations. With this in mind, some things had to be put aside for betterment and well-being of our family – for me, part of that was my social media activity for my business. Don’t get me wrong, my business is vitally important to me and my family, however, it is not as a whole, more important than a whole family.

Thus, with yesterday’s fresh reminder of what meaningful family time feels like and how much it is needed, I am slowly reintroducing my social media activity within the not-for-profit executive search market with this new blog series entitled, “Family Matters”, which will focus on what I’ve learned or observed from my family related to the not-for-profit sector over these past nine months while I’ve been offline.

If you find yourself relating to my own story, even just a little bit, consider the inspiration offered by the following video entitled, “Look Up” by Gary Turk; a video which reminds us to look up from our pricey phones, computers, tablets, and devices, and instead connect face-to-face with the priceless people within our lives.


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