#CharityTuesday – Habitat for Humanity Durham

In the charitable and non-profit sectors, it can sometimes be easier to see the needs of people around the world than it is to see the needs in our own backyard.

Through recent involvement with Habitat for Humanity Durham, we have learned that in our own backyard of Durham Region there is an overwhelming need for affordable and stable housing for families.

For example, according to one of its event websites there are 3900 children who are without a stable home, meaning that they are living in hotels, with friends, “couch-surfing”, or in unreliable homes. This is not a need in a third-world country – this is a need right where we live.

Thankfully, this need is what drives Habitat for Humanity Durham, a charity which is set up in such a way that every donation, and every home built and owned, cyclically continues to give over and over again. This is done through a type of revolving fund for humanity.

Simply put, the revolving fund for humanity sees that:

“the homeowners’ monthly mortgage payments go into a fund that is used to build more homes. The more homes that exist, the more cash flow there is available for further building. This Revolving Fund for Humanity fuels exponential growth in the number of Habitat for Humanity houses that are built over time.”

So how can you help?!

Easy. Here are some practical, tangible, and affordable ways that you can contribute to your own community:

Better yet, if you’re like my wife who can’t put a hammer to a nail, buy tickets for and attend the charity’s upcoming gala suitably themed, “In Our Own Backyard”. All of the money raised at this event will go to finishing the final phase of Habitat for Humanity Durham’s “CentreTowne” build.

Considering that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, why not surprise family, friends, and clients with tickets to this sure-to-be-fun gala and give a gift that will indeed keep on giving!

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#CharityTuesday – The Daily Bread Food Bank

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” rings the infamous Christmas song, sang by Andy Williams.

Although for some people, this wonderful time of year represents a time of worry, anxiety, and stress as tasks like feeding one’s family become increasingly difficult.

With this in mind, we uphold the work of the  Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, ON for this #CharityTuesday blog post.

According to its website, the Daily Bread’s vision is: “Fighting to end hunger in our communities.”

What is especially admirable about the work of the Daily Bread Food Bank is that the organization not only meets the need of those who are hungry, but it also is working proactively to reduce poverty and end hunger. Thus, its mission is three-fold:

  • Providing food and resources for hungry people.
  • Mobilizing greater support, involvement and action.
  • Creating social change to reduce poverty through research, education and advocacy.

The need for food to feed families is an increasingly overwhelming need. Consider the following statement about the scope of work that the Daily Bread Food Bank conducts within the Greater Toronto Area:

A leader in the fight against hunger, Daily Bread Food Bank distributes food through over 200 food banks and meal programs across Toronto. Daily Bread provides food for an average of 63,000 visits a month to food banks and prepares more than 3000 nutritious meals in its kitchen that are sent out every week to shelters, hostels and neighbourhood meal programs. We are the largest provider of food relief in the GTA.

As you consider giving this season, perhaps to a food bank, please try to remain open-minded and non-judgmental about who uses and needs such services. You would be surprised to learn of the colleagues, neighbours, and network connections who have had to use a food bank at some point in their lives due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.

With this in mind, please consider donating up one or two extra canned goods every time you go grocery shopping to place in your community’s food bank collection box, because it is not just the major holiday seasons in which food is needed. Even if you don’t live in the GTA, you can easily give to your own local food bank, often times right in your own grocery store.

Could you imagine how easily we could end hunger if we collectively gave away a few extra canned goods during our weekly grocery trips?


About #CharityTuesday: Each week, we’ll use the popular CharityTuesday hashtag and Twitter recognition to highlight our Tuesday blog post on Canadian charities that are close to our hearts!

#CharityTuesday – Covenant House Toronto

The first snowfall happened this weekend, so what happens in this kind of weather to the homeless youth who sleep on Toronto’s streets?

Well, they continue to sleep on the streets despite the damp and bitter cold conditions.

With this in mind, on this #CharityTuesday we desire to raise awareness about youth homelessness and how Covenant House Toronto is responding to this need night after night.

According to its website, Covenant House’s mission is to “serve suffering children of the street, and protect and safeguard all children…with absolute respect and unconditional love.” (para. 1)

Unquestionably, Covenant House does indeed serve youth who are homeless in such tangible ways including:

  • A Crisis Centre
  • Job Centre
  • Onsite Highschool
  • Runaway Prevention
  • BMO Financial Group Health Centre
  • Job Training Programs
  • Support Services
  • CIBC Rights of Passage (Communal Living)
  • Mental Health Programs

More so, Covenant House does an overwhelmingly excellent job of destroying the stigma surrounding youth homelessness by debunking myths and stereotypes. For example, consider the following “Facts & Stats” from Covenant House’s website which helps reinforce the concept that indeed “no kid chooses to live on the streets”:

  • It is estimated that there are at least 10,000 homeless youth in Toronto during any given year and as many as 2,000 on a given night.
  • It is estimated that the mortality rate of homeless youth is up to 40 times the mortality rate of housed youth with primary causes of death identified as suicide and drug overdose.
  • Abuse and neglect are the two major reasons why youth leave home. Studies show 70 percent of homeless youth have suffered some form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
  • 50 percent of homeless youth come from middle- and upper-income families (para. 1).

When youth become homeless, they don’t all automatically end up sleeping on street grates or in doorways. In fact, they end up staying in a variety of places.

A 1999 survey found that:

  • 60% of street youth are staying in one of Toronto’s youth shelters.
  • 25% staying in an apartment (92% were staying with friends and ‘couch surfing’).
  • 15% staying on the street of which 4% were living in squats, and 9% in parks, alleys, and doorways (para. 4).

People become homeless for a wide variety of reasons – loss of a job, marital breakdown, mental illness and alcohol and drug addiction. But when it comes to youth and children, the reasons tend to revolve around the family (para. 3).

If this cause tugs at your heart strings, considering donating. After all, Covenant House affirms that “83% of our revenue comes from donations from individuals. Because of people like you, our doors are open 24 hours a day to youth 16 to 24 regardless of race, religion and sexual orientation or the reason they need help” (para. 7).

And if you really want to know what happens in this kind of winter weather to the homeless youth who sleep on Toronto’s streets, consider participating in Covenant House’s annual fundraising event called “Sleep Out” in which business executives will sleep on the city’s streets “with only a sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard, [and have] a glimpse into the harsh realities of life faced by homeless youth” (para. 3).

About #CharityTuesday: Each week, we’ll use the popular CharityTuesday hashtag and Twitter recognition to highlight our Tuesday blog post on Canadian charities that are close to our hearts!

A Headhunter’s Dirty Little Secret No. 1 – Poaching Candidates

Want to know a recruiter’s secret about luring top-notch executive talent from other organizations?


Believe it or not, the Fall season is one of the most ideal times to hire executive talent for a charitable, non-profit, or social-profit organization.

Why is this the best time of year to hire? Consider the following:

  • Those who come to the realization they are ready for a career transition often do so once they return to work and daily routines after a leisurely summer vacation.
  • In many people’s minds, the start of the New Year is a logical time to start a new job.
  • The Fall season initiates the beginning of networking events and seasonal parties when natural interaction among professionals occur, making it a great time for people to organically talk about and promote an opportunity at your organization among their respective networks.
  • There is a natural breaking point in this sector around the Christmas and New Year holidays, thereby making it a great time for executives to resign and take a week or two off before starting a new role.
  • It is easier for executives to disengage from their present charitable organizations at the start of the New Year because most of the high-volume fundraising work is over after the Christmas season.

With this in mind, during this season when your executive recruiter goes tapping your favourite executives from other organizations on the shoulder on your behalf about a career move, you may find there is an overwhelming allure to a leadership role within your organization.

Problem is, many leaders in the charitable, non-profit, and social-profit sectors fail to maximize this time of year. Instead of attempting to secure talent and solidify a strong leadership team in the months leading up to the New Year, organizations focus on the panic and immediacy of end-of-year fundraising.

As a result, most searches for executive talent are pushed off until the start of the New Year, when your most desirable executive candidates have already secured roles elsewhere.

But don’t just take our word for it. Consider the data released by Executives Online in July of 2014, which affirms that January is:

third from the bottom of the twelve months in terms of new jobs. What makes January even less advantageous to the job-seeker is the New Year’s resolution effect: Candidate registrations surge in January, which may make it harder for yours to stand out. The ratio of new candidates to new jobs – a figure we’ll call the Search Competition Index or SCI – is highest in January of any month, by a considerable margin (24% higher than the next month). Too much noise in the market also makes the employers’ and recruiters’ task of selecting the right people for shortlist and hire more difficult. It may be better, when hiring, to wait for a calmer month. (Beitel, 2014, para. 3)

If you really want to be a charitable, non-profit, or social-profit organization that is truly set apart from others in the sector, why not start by growing and strengthening your executive leadership team when no one else is doing the same.


Beitel, Anne. (2014, July 31). Data reveal best time of year to hire, find a job. Retrieved from: http://www.executivesonline.fr/en/blog/2014/07/31/data-reveal-


#CharityTuesday – SickKids Hospital

After taking a hard hit to the boards in a hockey game on Saturday night, our friends’ son was airlifted to SickKids Hospital for fear of neurological damage.

Thankfully, he’s fine aside from a broken wrist.

Still, there is deep sense of relief knowing that the best healthcare for kids is within our reach.

That said, SickKids Hospital is more than just the best healthcare, though.

For example, not too long ago, a candidate engaged in a search process with us shared about how her own child was admitted to sick kids for months. She spoke so highly of the genuine care, support, and service she and her family received by the staff of the hospital while they were there. She said to us, that every year when SickKids makes their annual donor calls, she writes a cheque because she truly does believe in the holistic mission of SickKids Hospital.

According to the SickKids Hospital website, the mission of SickKids is to:

provide the best in family-centred, compassionate care, to lead in scientific and clinical advancement, and to prepare the next generation of leaders in child health.

Not only does SickKids Hospital provide medical care, but it also offers a wide range of programs and services to support children and families in many other ways. For example, the programs and services offered by SickKids Hospital include:

  • Accommodations
  • Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Child and Family-Centered Care
  • Child Life
  • Children’s Council
  • Creative Arts Therapy
  • Epilepsy Classroom
  • The Play Park

A charity of this magnitude, however, still relies on donations and gifts both big and small. The ways in which you can give are:

On this #CharityTuesday, consider the ways in which you or your business may be able to support this worthy cause that it is indeed making a difference within the daily lives of families.

About #CharityTuesday: Each week, we’ll use the popular CharityTuesday hashtag and Twitter recognition to highlight our Tuesday blog post on Canadian charities that are close to our hearts!

#CharityTuesday – President’s Choice Children’s Charity

In the spirit of #CharityTuesday we take time to admire the support that the President’s Choice Children’s Charity provides, not only for worthy nonprofits, but also for individual families.

First, consider the motto of President’s Choice Children’s Charity, which is “Helping kids do anything”.

With this in mind, it certainly makes sense that President’s Choice Children’s Charity would support one of our favourite causes – children’s nutrition programs. Through both Breakfast for Learning and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada, President’s Choice Children’s Charity is able to provide grants for nutrition programs.

The work that this charity does that really tugs at our heart strings, however, is supporting families with children who have been diagnosed with a disability.

According to its website, President’s Choice Children’s Charity: “receive[s] applications from families whose children have been diagnosed with a range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and various developmental delays.”

Once again, this charity makes it easy to see how even the smallest gift can make the biggest difference in the life of a child. For example, according to its website on ‘How You Can Help”:

  • $2 helps a child to eat a healthy breakfast
  • $50 helps pay for one hour of speech therapy
  • $100 helps pay for specialized equipment
  • $200 helps pay for a week of camp

Best part is, you can easily get others involved in the cause by hosting an event of your own that will raise funds for the charity! Whether it’s a paintball challenge, a 5K run, a cook-off, or a hockey league, you can find creative ways to make giving a fun even that engages your friends, family, network, and community!

Consider how you or your business could make a tangible impact in the life of a child through President Choice Children’s Charity!


About #CharityTuesday: Each week, we’ll use the popular CharityTuesday hashtag and Twitter recognition to highlight our Tuesday blog post on Canadian charities that are close to our hearts!

Coffee the App

You know us, we rely on networking and are very intentional about engaging our network. It’s the core of who we are, really: “We make connections with exceptional people who have exceptional connections.”

Yep, that’s us alright.

What you may not know about us, is that we’ve been integrating social recruiting more intentionally too. It has become a means for us to add greater value to our network and  be more encompassing to the leadership and hiring needs of those we serve in the not-for-profit sector.

As you can imagine, when we stumbled upon the Coffee app, which is designed to “create a mobile community of hiring managers and job seekers” (Bernard, 2014), we were eager to try it out.

Coffee_ScreenshotQuite simply, Coffee connects job seekers with hiring managers or recruiters. It quite literally allows you to strike up a conversation with the people you’d like to work for or with folks you’d like to hire in the same way you’d strike up a conversation over a face-to-face coffee.

With this in mind, Nathan Bernard, Founder and CEO of Coffee says, “At Coffee we don’t believe that a job posting should represent a person. Instead, a person should represent a job posting. You’ll learn a lot more about a company by seeing, connecting and chatting with a real employee / hiring manager rather than just reading a boilerplate job posting . . . This sort of social recruiting is going to be huge.”

It’s new – like brand new – so if you’re going to notice it currently has limited exposure to executive nonprofit professionals, Canadians, and nonprofit organizations, but that’s why you should download the app and try it out! The more people who begin to use it, the more beneficial it will be to the overall userbase!

Our social recruiter tried Coffee out last week and ended up having a “coffee” with Nathan Bernard, himself!

Nathan was happy to receive our feedback about how the app could better encompass the charitable sector and those who work and hire in not-for-profit organizations. He assured us that tags to reflect nonprofit interests are in the works for version 2, as well as a web app for hiring, and a way to indicate on your swipe card that you are hiring.

So download it! Try it out! Strike up conversations! The more nonprofit Canadian talent that uses the app, the better it will be!

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